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Transfer All Municipal Services

Use this form, transfer service, if you currently have an account in your name with the West Des Moines Water Works and want to stop service at your present address and start service at a new address served by us.

Use the start service form if you do not have service in your name or if you are a current customer of the West Des Moines Water Works and want to add an additional service in your name.

To complete the transfer service form, you will need the following information:


  • Your West Des Moines Water Works account number and web ID (this information is printed on your bill).
  • The date you want service to begin at new address and to stop at present address.
  • Your present and your new service addresses, including apartment, lot, or unit numbers.
  • Your landlord’s name, if you will be renting at your new address.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology will be used to protect the information you provide to us on the transfer service form.

Your request to transfer service must be received by the West Des Moines Water Works at least one working day before the date that you want to start or to stop service, whichever is earlier. Working days are Monday through Friday, except holidays. Transfer requests received after 4 p.m. will be considered as being received on the next working day.

By submitting a request to transfer your utility service, you are agreeing to pay all utility bills rendered at your present address for service provided through the stop date. You are also agreeing to pay all utility bills rendered for service provided at your new address while the account is in your name. The account will remain in your name until we receive notice to stop your service.