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Water Connection Fee Districts

Water Connection Fee Districts were established by the Board of Trustees to recover the design and construction costs required to establish large diameter water distribution facilities in new Water Works service territories. The fees were determined based on a cost estimate for the proposed major water distribution facilities which was spread evenly over the developable acreage of the fee district. The fees are adjusted annually on July 1 as outlined in Resolution 0213-1. The revised fee is generally available in May. 


The July 1, 2023- June 30, 2024 per acre fees are as follows:

- Raccoon River Area $4,812

- South Area $6,277

- Southwest Area $3,564


An electronic copy of the most recent resolution for the Water Connection Fee Districts may be obtained below:

Resolution 0213-1 – A Resolution Updating the Procedure to be Used in Establishing Connection Fees to Recover the Cost of Designing and Constructing Major Water Distribution Facilities

Resolution 0313-1 – A Resolution Revising the South Area Water Connection Fee District

Resolution 0414-1 – A Resolution Revising the Southwest Area Water Connection Fee District


Resolution 0417-1 – A Resolution Establishing the Raccoon River Water Connection Fee District


Water Connection Fee District Overview Map 

Detailed information on the Fee District Boundaries may be obtained from the Engineering Project Manager at 515.222.3510.