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Lead and Copper Service Pipe Survey


The West Des Moines Water Works is updating its record of service lines. We are requesting assistance from residents and businesses to identify the private service line material. Please fill out the short survey below to help us complete our inventory.

Please submit a survey for your property, regardless of the age of the structure. If you own multiple properties, please complete one survey per property address.


The survey can be accessed here:


Why are you completing this survey?

In 2021, the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency updated the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions. This rule requires all public water systems develop an inventory of lead service lines in their communities. Water systems nationwide are required to complete this inventory before October 16, 2024.

West Des Moines Water Works has begun to compile this inventory using information in our files and from other government agencies. Factors such as structure age and records from past construction projects have been used to determine the service material types for a large portion of the City. As of December 2023, we still have approximately 7,000 water services with an ‘unknown’ service material.

Why does WDM Water Works need my assistance?
Due to Iowa’s climate, water service pipes are buried underground. The most easily accessible location to view and determine the water service material type is at the water meter inside your building. The water meter is typically located in the basement or utility room of a building. We are requesting property owner assistance in verifying the service material type due to our inability to access water meters without an appointment. 

When were lead service lines prohibited in the City of West Des Moines?
The use of lead service line materials was prohibited in the City of West Des Moines in May 1985 (Ordinance 757). The use of lead service line materials was discontinued nationwide in June 1986 with enforcement beginning in 1988.

Where can I learn more about the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions?
The Iowa DNR and the US EPA have websites devoted to lead service lines. As of December 2023, these websites could be accessed at: