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Regular Meeting – September 20, 2023

A. C. Ward Municipal Water Treatment Plant
1505 Railroad Avenue – Conference Room
4:00 pm

Public access to this meeting will be available in person or
through the below link and/or phone number below.

Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (646) 749-3122
Access Code: 462-645-621



1. Call to Order, Roll Call, Approval of Agenda
a. Motion – Approving Agenda

2. Citizen Forum
a. Citizen Forum (During this time, any citizen may discuss with The Board of Trustees any matter not on the agenda for today’s meeting.)

3. Financial Report

4. Consent Agenda
a. Motion – Approving Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of August 16, 2023
b. Motion – Approving the Water Supply Service Agreement for High Pointe Plat 1
c. Motion – Approving the Water Supply Service Agreement for Amare Vita at High Point Plat 1
d. Motion – Approving the Water Supply Service Agreement for Browns Woods Estates Plat 3
e. Motion – Approving the Water Supply Service Agreement for High Point Plat 2
f. Motion – Approving the Water Supply Service Agreement for Lot 2, West Lakes Office Park Plat 15

5. Recommendations from Committees
a. Finance and Audit
1. Resolution – Fixing a Date for Consideration of a Budget Amendment No. 3 for Calendar Year 2023 and Fixing a Date for a Public Hearing Thereon (Public Hearing to be held at 4:00 PM, October 16, 2023, at 1505 Railroad Avenue, in West Des Moines, Iowa)

6. Recommendations from Staff
a. Motion – Approving the Assignment of Easement and Bill of Sale for the Warren Water District Territory Purchase
b. Motion – Approving Amendment No. 1 to the Professional Services Agreement with Shive-Hattery – SE 42nd Street and SE Maffitt Lake Road Water Main Extension
c. Motion – Approving Amendment No. 2 to the Professional Services Agreement with Shive-Hattery – SE 42nd Street and SE Maffitt Lake Road Water Main Extension

7. Construction Project Actions
a. Motion – Approving Change Order No. 2 for the Motor Control Center, Automatic Transfer Switch, and Generator Controls Improvements
b. Motion – Approving the Proposal by Absolute Group to Complete the Grand Avenue Booster Station Pipe Modifications


8. Motions to Pay Bills       $ 2,980,429.52
a. Non-Construction Bills      $ 804,459.81

b. Construction Bills       $ 2,175,969.71
Allender Butzke Engineers Inc.
88th St ASR Well geotechnical exploration $ 5,340.00
City of West Des Moines
88th St Reconstruction $ 2,917.56
2023 PCC Reconstruction (Vine St and 8th St) $ 119,756.84
Blue Creek Stormwater Dentention Facilities Utl. $ 18,963.54
Fair Meadows Creek Stabilization $ 76,952.26
Civil Engineering Consultants, Inc
SE 35th Street construction plans $ 1,729.00
Corell Contractor, Inc.
11th St storm sewer $ 1,48325
Core & Main
Materials for Public Mods at Legacy Bridge office $ 13,310.00
Dixon Engineering, Inc.
Stilwell 1,000,000-gallon Hydropillar $ 4,250.00
39th St Reservoir Painting Engineer $ 2,650.00
Fox Strand
ASR Well engineering July 2023 $ 40,080.00
MCC1, ATS, Generator phase 1 improvements $ 10,990.00
Gilcrest Jewett
Well Repair $ 125.68
GM Contracting Inc.
Briar & Valley Ridge water main replacement $ 272,961.49
HR Green
Ashworth Road water main replacement $ 731.25
High Service Pump #3 replacement $ 16,109.00
J&K Contracting LLC
Mills Civic at 88th water main replacement $ 106,479.90
Ashworth Rd water main replacement segment 3 $ 285,296.02
Landmark Structures
South Area Elevated Water Storage Tower $ 84,337.20
Well Repair $ 528.20
MidAmerican Energy Company
UG Electric Extension Adams St EWS $ 13,324.28
On Track Construction, LLC
Maffitt Lake Rd & SE 42nd St water main ext. $ 1,059,806.58
Sherwin Williams
Well Repair $ 296.45
Snyder & Associates
Grand Ave Booster Station improvements $ 1,349.25
Team Services
Adams St elevated water storage tank $ 99.50
Ashworth Rd water main phase 3 $ 799.11
Utility Equipment Company
Curb stops for Rural Water Territory Purchase $ 1,228.64
Veenstra & Kimm
Adams St elevated water storage tank $ 7,047.96

9. Motions to Receive, File and/or Refer
a. Project Progress Report      September 20, 2023
b. Water Quality Report       August 2023
c. Check Register        August 2023
d. Change Order Report       September 20, 2023

10. Information Report
a. Board of Trustees Standing Committees
1. Customer and Community Relations – Mary Thomsen, Chair; Erin Sheriff
2. Finance and Audit – Gretchen Tegeler, Chair, Jody Smith
3. Operations – Erin Sheriff, Chair; Mary Thomsen
4. Personnel and Compensation – Scott Brennan, Chair; Gretchen Tegeler
5. Planning/Regionalization – Jody Smith, Chair; Scott Brennan
b. General Manager – Christina Murphy
1. Regionalization 28E/F Update
2. FY 24 Budget Timelines
c. Finance Manager and Treasurer – Pat Mullenbach
d. Water Production Manager – Mitch Pinkerton
e. Water Distribution Manager – Mark Hanasz
f. Engineering Project Manager – William Mabuce
g. Business Relations Manager – Josh Heggen
h. AFL-CIO Local 3861 Chapter President – Vinny White
i. City of West Des Moines Liaison

11. Adjourn

If you have a disability and you would like accommodation so you can fully participate in this meeting of The Board of Trustees, we ask that you contact West Des Moines Water Works at 515-222-3465 at least 48 hours before the meeting. We are pleased to help you.