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ASR WEll project

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well at 88th Street and Valley View Park

West Des Moines Water Works (WDMWW) is planning to construct a new Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) well in the Northwest corner of Valley View Park adjacent to the existing Water Tower and other WDMWW buildings. Work on the new 2,700-feet deep well is expected to begin in the summer of 2024 with drilling operations expected to take approximately three to four months. Phase 1 of the project bids June 6, 2024, and Phase 2 will bid in July. 

Construction of the ASR will allow WDMWW to store treated water during winter months when water system demand is lower. As demand increases in the summer months, the water is then pumped from the ASR into the water distribution system. The ASR well will provide an important tool for WDMWW to manage peak water usage and to ensure WDMWW has ample supply for meeting the water needs of our growing community.

The 88th Street site was selected for its proximity to other system infrastructure that is already in the immediate area. The planned site is also located near a pressure boundary within the Water Works system. This location allows Water Works the maximum flexibility in utilizing this new infrastructure.

Construction of the new well will not have any direct effect on neighboring homes and properties. It will, however, create additional noise, especially for those living within 1,500 feet of the site. The drilling phase, which requires several pieces of heavy equipment and apparatus in order to reach the nearly half-mile depth, is expected to take up to four months with machinery running around the clock. Continuous operation is essential to the successful completion of the project. In fact, if drilling is halted for more than a very short period of time, WDMWW runs the risk that the well hole will collapse and cause a failure of the project. The only way to prevent this is to drill continuously until the well depth is achieved.

WDMWW will require the project contractor to undertake steps to mitigate the significant noise generated during the well drilling. However, there is no practical method to prevent or eliminate increased noise during construction.

The drilling process can be noisy and messy, but the noise and mess are only temporary. When the project is complete, the site will be cleaned up, restored and landscaped in keeping with the park. Upon completion, the well head will be screened with grasses and landscaping and the well house will be constructed to match the two other Water Works buildings on site.

A public meeting for this project was held on January 30, 2024 at the West Des Moines Library. If you have any questions concerning the project, you may contact Lyle Hammes – WDMWW Principal Engineer of Water Production at 515-222-3465 or [email protected].