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Regular Meeting – May 21, 2018

A. C. Ward Municipal Water Treatment Plant
Conference Room - 1505 Railroad Avenue
4:00 P. M.


1. Call to Order, Roll Call, Approval of Agenda
     a. Motion – Approving Agenda

2. Citizen Forum
     a. Citizen Forum (During this time, any citizen may discuss with The Board of Trustees, any matter not on the agenda for today’s meeting.)

3. Financial Report

4. Consent Agenda
     a. Motion – Approving Minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 16, 2018

     b. Resolution – Accepting Completed Improvements: Lime Slaker System Replacement (West Des Moines Water Works Project No. 00800-120-17008)

     c. Resolution – Accepting Completed Improvements: 2017 Process Pipe Cleaning – AC Ward Treatment Plant

     d. Resolution – Accepting Completed Improvements: Kings Landing Plat 2

     e. Resolution – Accepting Completed Improvements: Grand Valley Plat 2

     f. Resolution – Accepting Completed Improvements: The Preserve on Grand

5. Recommendations from Committees
     a. Planning and Regionalization
          1. Motion – Receive and File the Report on Joint Waukee / WDMWW Source Water Availability Study Task 3 and Task 4

     b. Finance and Audit
          1. Motion – Approving and Authorizing Services of PFM Financial Advisors, LLC

     c. Operations
          1. Motion – Ratifying Exclusive Representation Agreement with Iowa Realty Commercial

6. Recommendations from Staff
     a. Motion – Approving and Authorizing Execution of Professional Services Agreement with Bolton & Menk for Engineering Services

     b. Motion – Approving Deferral of the Southwest Area Water Connection Fee District Fee for the WDM Public Service Plat 1

     c. Motion – Denying Applicant Request for Surety Reduction for Maple Grove Church Site Plan (City of WDM #PC-003491-2017)

     d. Motion – Approving Request to Purchase and Build a Distribution Material Storage Cover

     e. Motion – Approving a Real Estate Purchase Agreement

     f. Motion – Approving a Professional Services Agreement with Impact7G, Inc. for Professional Services for the Environmental Assessment of Property

     g. Motion – Receive and File the 2017 Annual Water Quality Report

7. Construction Project Actions
     a. 2018 Water Main Replacement – Grand Avenue from Delevan Drive to Wolf Way (Water Works Project No. 00800-120-18002)
          1. Resolution – Approving Construction Contract and Bond

     b. 2018 Water Valve Insertion Project – Various Locations (Water Works Project No. 00800-120-18006)
          1. Public Hearing – Plans, Specifications, Addenda, Form of Contract & Estimate of Costs
          2. Resolution – Adopting Plans, Specifications, Addenda, Form of Contract & Estimate of Costs
          3. Motion – Receive and File Bids Received on May 9, 2018
          4. Resolution – Making Award of Contract
          5. Resolution – Approving Construction Contract and Bond

     c. Motion – Approving Change Order #1 for the 2018 Veterans Parkway Water Main Extension Project

8. Motions to Pay Bills
     a. Non-Construction Bills $418,616.90

     b. Construction Bills
          C.L. Carroll $27,460.85
               Lime Slaker Replacement – Pay Request #4 (Retainage) To Be Paid in 30 Days


          Synergy Contracting LLC $4,567.50
               Process Pipe Cleaning / Valve Replacement – Pay Request #2 (Retainage) To Be Paid in 30 Days

9. Motions to Receive, File and/or Refer
     a. Project Progress Report May 17, 2018
     b. Water Quality Report April 2018
     c. Check Register April 2018

10. Information Report
     a. Board of Trustees Standing Committees
          1. Customer and Community Relations – Mary Thomsen, Chair; Scott Brennan
          2. Finance and Audit – Gretchen Tegeler, Chair; Jody Smith
          3. Operations – Scott Brennan, Chair; Mary Thomsen
          4. Personnel and Compensation – Brian Rickert, Chair; Gretchen Tegeler
          5. Planning/Regionalization – Jody Smith, Chair; Brian Rickert
          6. Central Iowa Regional Drinking Water Commission – Jody Smith
     b. General Manager – Diana Wilson
     c. Finance Manager and Treasurer – Becky Scott
     d. Water Production Manager – Mitch Pinkerton
     e. Water Distribution Manager – Mark Hanasz
     f. Engineering Project Manager – William Mabuce
     g. Business Relations Manager – Josh Heggen
     h. AFL-CIO Local 3861 Chapter President – Vincent White
     i. City Discussion
          1. Old Business
          2. New Business

12. Adjourn

If you have a disability and you would like accommodations so you can fully participate in this meeting of The Board of Trustees, we ask that you contact West Des Moines Water Works at 222-3465 at least 48 hours before the meeting. We are pleased to help you.